The DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church exists as a beacon of liberal religious thought and practice. Amid the challenges and changes of a chaotic world, we aspire to proclaim and embody the possibilities of meaning in human life, of freedom in human thought, and of peace and justice in human community.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Spotlight on UU: Lori Melhart

Spotlight on UU

Five Questions with DuPage Unitarian Universalist Congregant Lori

How did you find our church?

When I was in Junior High, my parents were separated, and my Dad brought us to this church.  Then in 2007 when we moved to Lisle I decided I was coming back home to my church.  I became a member in 2009. (Dupage UU Church note: Lori celebrated her five year anniversary this month and was congratulated during service on Sunday January 12th. Congrats Lori!)

What makes you keep coming back?

Sense of belonging and inclusion is really important to me.  I feel like I belong here and that I’m among my own people when I walk in the door.  I appreciate the fact that you don’t have to be a member to be invited and involved in pretty much everything here. Of course, it's the core belief that we all share about including everyone.  Being open minded and not judging others are things that I need to hear every week.

What has been your most memorable moment here?

The candle light service on Christmas Eve.  I can’t always make it but I try to every year.  It somehow categorizes the holiday in a way that I can accept it.  Outside of this place, Christmas is either too commercial or too hypocritical, which is always something that I can’t quite accept about it.  But during that candle light service here I get to embrace it and feel it the way I think it should be felt.

 Where is your favorite spot to sit in the new sanctuary?

It used  to be far over to the back right hand side with you, but when you’re not there I felt like I was isolating myself so I found my friend Rachel in the middle area, so now I’m sitting in the middle.  But I still like sitting over in the back able to look out the window to see the trees and the pond.

How do you help at the church?

I was the Spirit Play teacher a few years ago and I liked that. I have subbed a few times.  I do also run a support group with Karen Seymour-Ells for parents of special needs kids that meet once a month. I certainly have plans to do so in the future.