The DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church exists as a beacon of liberal religious thought and practice. Amid the challenges and changes of a chaotic world, we aspire to proclaim and embody the possibilities of meaning in human life, of freedom in human thought, and of peace and justice in human community.

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Day for DuPage UU Chuch

Glad you found the DuPage UU Church, DUUC for short, blog!

We are a growing congregation of Unitarian Universalists in Naperville, Illinois with shared values, and like all Unitarians our community holds many different spiritual beliefs.  Unitarian Universalism welcomes people with diverse beliefs and there is a rich dialog within our community that help us better understand the world around us.  You can find a bunch of information about Unitarian Beliefs on our websites and at the UUA website.

We've set up this blog to keep our congregation and interested community members aware of what's going on at DUUC.  Come back often and you'll see a variety of authors who are members of the church sharing their ideas and perspectives.  Plus, you'll get updates about the great construction project we're undergoing to add a new, much larger sanctuary!

Thanks again for visiting!